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Factories & Machinery Act (Malaysia)

What is Factories & Machinery Act (FMA)?

Why is it necessary to have the Factories and Machinery Act and Regulations?

What is OSHA?

What are the differences between Occupational of Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 1994 and Factories and Machinery Act (FMA) 1967?

What are the main functions of DOSH?

What is NIOSH, and discuss its contribution to safety?

Why do you come for this interview (oral examination)?

Why is law required to operate a steam boiler?

What are the departments or divisions under Ministry of Human Resources related to safety and health of workers at workplaces?

What are the differences between Act & Regulations?

What is the minimum numbers of workers in an organization that require establishment of safety committee? What are the functions of the safety committee?

What is the minimum numbers of workers in an organization that require establishment of safety committee? What are the functions of the safety committee?

What is a steam boiler as defined by Factories and Machinery Act?

Under the Factories and Machinery Act 1967, what are the various sections generally the requirement relating to steam boiler?

Who is the Chief Inspector of Malaysia? What is the power of Chief Inspector related to steam boiler?

What are the Regulations under Act 139 applied to steam boilers? Explain in detail of each regulation.

What is authorized safe working pressure (ASWP)?

What are the job functions of a boiler operator (boilerman)?

As a steam engineer, what are your duties and responsibilities under the Factories & Machinery Act, 1967 as certified person-in-charge of a factory?

What is a person in charge and how does it relate to you? How many person-in-charges are required?

Can a company operate its boiler without a person-in-charge?

What are CF’s and CF’s are applicable for what machines?

Name five types of DOSH inspection.

What would an inspector do if he found that your boiler is not prepared for inspection on the inspection date?

What is the valid period of a CF in Malaysia? Can you postpone the regular machinery inspection?

What are normally the factors the Chief Inspector takes into consideration when approving an application to postpone the machinery inspection?

What are the documents to be included when applying for postponement of an unfired pressure vessel?

After completion of renewing fire tubes, hydrostatic test shall be carried out and witnessed by the DOSH inspector. How do you request for the inspection?

Can DOSH inspectors visit your factory without prior notice?

What is supplementary inspection? What is the duty of DOSH inspector during supplementary inspection and is there any fee?

How much is boiler inspection fee?

What is “inspecting authorities” and give five (5) examples of inspecting authorities listed under the code.

How long can a boilerman be suspended if he committed any serious misconduct?

What are serious misconducts for a boilerman?

Can you allow a power boiler in service to be left unattended?

What is compoundable offence?

In application to manufacture boiler, what items should the manufacturer provide to the Chief Inspector?

What should the owner render to the Chief Inspector if a plant owner wanted to install an imported steam boiler?

What are the standard conditions required to any imported steam boilers?

Can you use an imported second-hand boiler? And why?

What kind of boilers do you have in your workplace and what is the total heating surface?

What incidents does DOSH require the employer to report in writing immediately?

What are the procedures to obtain approval for repair from DOSH?

How much percentage of total tubes does DOSH allow to be plugged?

What are the regulations you have to observe before carrying out a repair to steam boiler? Reference should be made to statutory requirements.

How do you know if the welding company is qualified to do welding on a boiler?

How do welders become qualified?

What are the code rules for pressure setting of safety valve as stipulated by FMA Codes?

When it is allowed by code to install only one safety valve on a boiler?

Would you install a shut-off valve between the boiler and its safety valve?

According to FMA Codes, can you install a 3-inch national pipe thread safety valve on a 150-psi boiler?

Can rupture disk replace safety valve on steam boilers?

What is the frequency of rupture disk renewal?

Which one should blow off first, the rupture disk or the safety valve?

What is a hydrostatic test (HT)? Relate to the codes in Factory & Machinery Act.

What is the Regulation pertaining to high water level alarm under the Factories and Machineries Act?

What is the Regulation pertaining to low water level alarm under the Factories and Machineries Act?

You are given a 4” pressure gage (as shown), which is attached directly to a locomotive boiler. The question is: What is wrong with the pressure gage in regards to FMA?

What is “heating surface” of a boiler?

What are the legal requirements of gage glass of FMA?

What is the specification of water columns according to the FMA code?

At what temperature should the fusible plug melt?

How often does it require to renewing fusible plugs? Why?

Is blowdown valve covered in the Act 139? If yes, what are the conditions?

What is the standard code of using fittings made of cast iron?

Can any fitting be connected to the steam boiler by welding?

Can bronze be used for any fitting on steam boiler, and why?

What are the limitations of cast iron in boiler fabrication as stipulated in the code?

What are the design aspects that need to be considered when designing and manufacturing steam boilers under Factory & Machinery Act?

What are the duties and responsibilities under the Factory & Machinery Act, 1967 as certified person-in-charge? Installation and operation of machinery, industrial accident and dangerous occurrence, and maintenance of machinery.

You have been requested by a tire retreading factory to help install a firetube boiler and eight tire moulds. The boiler’s operating pressure is 1,034 kPa (150 psig) and the tire moulds operate at 310 kPa (45 psig). Prepare a piping diagram for approval of Factory & Machineries and what likely occurrence are you trying to prevent?

Specify the general provisions of fittings for boilers under the Regulations of Factories and Machinery Act, 1970.

State the provision under the Steam Boiler and Unfired Pressure Vessel Regulations of oil burning equipment of every oil fired steam boiler

What is the design code used in boiler construction? What is the standard design code of boilers in Malaysia?

What are the provision of British Standard (BS) under Factories and Machinery Act relating to the construction of steam boiler?

What are the codes of installation of an economizer?